DIFP mission statement

The mission of the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (DIFP) is to efficiently and effectively encourage a fair and open market for consumer service industries.

The department is committed to the following objectives:

  • To maintain consumer confidence by examining and monitoring the financial industries and business professionals.
  • To protect public interest by establishing coherent and evolving policies that balance the interests of consumers, professionals and industry.
  • To effectively enforce state laws and regulations governing business to protect consumers from unfair and inequitable treatment.
  • To lower the burdens of regulation and the cost to consumers by increasing efficiencies.
  • To encourage a competitive environment for industries and professions that gives consumers access to quality products.

Insurance Consumer Affairs Division

  • Helps the public resolve complaints, provides information on insurance policies and investigates insurance fraud.
  • Provides insurance education and outreach activities to Missouri consumers.

Insurance Company Regulation Division

  • Monitors and analyzes the financial condition, accounting practices and legal compliance of insurance companies licensed in the state through financial examinations.
  • Certifies and collects premium taxes due the state.

Insurance Market Regulation Division

  • Regulates the performance of insurance companies in the marketplace by reviewing policies, rates, products and marketing strategies.
  • Performs market conduct examinations to ensure equitable treatment of policyholders, determine legal compliance and monitor the insurance marketplace.

Division of Finance

  • Regulates state-chartered banks, trust companies, savings and loans, consumer-credit companies, credit-services organizations and money-order companies in Missouri.
  • Ensures the safety and soundness of financial institutions for Missouri consumers through financial examinations.
  • Responds to consumer complaints and provides financial education for Missouri consumers.

Division of Credit Unions

  • Regulates state-chartered credit unions through examination, supervision, chartering, merger and liquidation.
  • Responds to consumer complaints about credit union services and operations.

Division of Professional Registration

  • Licenses qualified professionals, enforcing standards and maintaining an open communication network among over 400,000 individuals and companies.
  • Supports 38 professional licensing boards that process applications, administer examinations and conduct investigations into possible professional misconduct.

Administration Division

  • Conducts department-wide administrative support functions including accounting, human resources, budget and information systems coordination.
  • Licenses insurance agents, surplus lines brokers, public adjusters and bail bond agents.