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On January 10, 2017, Governor Greitens issued Executive Order 17-03 ordering each state agency to undertake a review of every regulation under its jurisdiction. Reviews will determine if specific regulations are ineffective, unnecessary, or unduly burdensome by considering whether:

  • The regulation is essential to the health, safety, or welfare of Missouri residents;
  • The regulation’s costs do not outweigh its benefits;
  • The regulation is effective;
  • The regulation is the least restrictive alternative;
  • The regulation is based on sound, reasonably available scientific, technical, economic, or other relevant information; and
  • The regulation does not unduly and adversely affect Missouri citizens or customers, or the competitive environment in Missouri.

Governor Greitens is committed to ensuring a thorough review is conducted by each department and cutting state government red tape. While the department’s comment period has ended, you may still comment on our rules at the state’s No MO Red Tape webpage at NoMORedTape.com. We welcome your online comments and suggestions there.